COVID-19 and General Hygiene

Cats and Hamsters takes the safety and wellbeing of humans and pets very seriously. In 2020, Cats and Hamsters achieved two COVID-19-specific certificates: Pet Sitters International’s COVID-19 Certification for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers and FetchFind’s COVID-19 Reopening and Safety Guidelines Course, which is endorsed by the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA).

Clients who decide to engage the services of Cats and Hamsters do so with full knowledge of the risks linked to in-home pet care and pet boarding.

Kindly note that the cancellation policy remains in effect.

Hygiene Protocols for Cats and Hamsters and its Clients:

Hands will be sanitized, washed, or gloved immediately prior to entering the home. Reasonable hand hygeine will be practiced.

Upon request, Cats and Hamsters is able to:

  1. Meet virtually rather than in-person for registration and consultations.
  2. Wear a face mask during in-person meetings (both client and pet sitter would be masked and maintain physical distancing)
  3. On the last visit of a reservation, disinfect high-touch hard surfaces

For visits, the Client is responsible for providing necessary cleaning supplies. It should be noted that toilet paper is NOT an effective cleaning supply for pet visits, and that either or both paper towels or a generous supply of clean rags should be provided.

Due to business liability and for reasons of personal safety, it is assumed that no one else will be accessing the home during the client’s absence, including roommates, family, friends, neighbours, landlords, contractors, and other parties. This includes any “gaps” in service during the client’s absence wherein a third party accesses the home on the same day that services were provided or immediately prior to or following Cats and Hamsters’s services when the client is away. Housekeepers are acceptable, though it is usually preferable to communicate the expected housekeeping visits to avoid overlap. Any deviation from the aforementioned scenarios must be discussed at the time of booking services.

Both Cats and Hamsters and the Client will notify eachother immediately if they or their pets are experiencing:

  1. fever
  2. coughing
  3. sneezing
  4. intense itchiness
  5. unusual behaviours
  6. or any other significant health issues immediately prior to travel.

In the case of any infectious illnesses or contagions like parasites or fungus, the scheduled services will cease immediately. Services will not resume until the client or pet sitter has been medically cleared to do so. If necessary, those pets will be boarded with a veterinarian for treatment and boarding at the Client’s expense.

Clients must provide emergency contacts for home emergency issues (such as flooding, lock malfunction) and for emergency pet care and custody. The same emergency contact can fulfill the two functions. If Cats and Hamsters is unable to continue to provide services, or is unable to extend reserved services should the Client become delayed or ill, the Client’s emergency contact will be contacted to take over care of the pets and home. If the Client has not provided an emergency contact, or if Cats and Hamsters is unable to make contact with the emergency contact or if the emergency contact is unavailable, Cats and Hamsters will use her best judgement for providing care for pets. This might include boarding at a veterinarian or facility, subcontracting with another pet sitter, or considering the pet as abandoned if no contact is made within four days after the end of services. The Client will be responsible for all related charges.