Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS)

In February 2018, I became Montreal’s only* Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS), having passed Pet Sitters International’s CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter® Exam.

*As of March 14, 2018, I am the only CPPS in Montreal. As others pass the exam, this status may change.


This exam tests professional pet sitters on a general body of knowledge that they should have obtained through their educational and professional experiences in the pet-sitting industry. As a certification, there is no coursework and pet sitters are not tested on a specific curriculum. Instead, the exam provides the opportunity to demonstrate that they are proficient in body of knowledge that has been established for the professional pet-sitting industry.  The 125-question, 3-hour proctored exam includes such topics as:


  1. Domain: Pet Care
    1. Pet Sitting
    2. Dogs
    3. Cats
    4. Pet Birds
  2. Domain: Health, Sanitation and Safety
    1. Animal First Aid and Health
    2. Parasites and Sanitation
    3. Pet Loss
    4. Pet Sitter Health and Safety
  3. Domain: Business Operations
    1. Client Interviews and Customer Service
    2. Disaster Planning
    3. Ethics, Legal Issues and Pet Sitter Liability
    4. Marketing, Social Media and Promotion
    5. Office Procedures


I am delighted to have this acknowledgement of my dedication to ongoing education and high standards of pet care professionalism.


The CPPS designation is only available to PSI members who have:


(1) successfully passed the PSI Certification Program final exam with a score of 76 percent or above,

(2) agreed to adhere to PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards, as noted in the PSI member and renewal applications,

(3) agreed to adhere to the Member Code of Conduct and Ethics, as noted in the PSI member and renewal applications, and

(4) committed to obtaining a minimum of thirty (30) continuing education hours (CEUs) every three years to apply for the certification renewal.


Further information can be found here: https://www.petsit.com/certification


My 2018-2021 CEU transcript for CPPS renewal includes:

Pet CPR & First Aid

1. Pet Health Academy Pet CPR & First Aid Online Certification Course

2. Pet First Aid, CPR & CPCR presented by Denise Fleck, the Pet Safety Crusader™


Annual Pet Sitters World Educational Conference & Expo

1. September 9-12, 2018 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA (ended early due to Hurricane Florence evacuation)


PSI’s Pet Sitting for Smarties© Webinars (live webinars or recordings):


1. “Managing Your Minutes: Time Management Skills for Pet Sitters”

Presenter: Lara Galloway, the Mom Biz Coach

2. “What Pet Sitters Should Know About Planning for Retirement”

Presenter: Julie Johnson of Transamerica Financial Advisors Inc.

3. “Senior Pet Care and the Professional Pet Sitter”

Presenter: Denise Fleck, Pet Safety Crusader

4. “Social Media Unleashed: How Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Can Maximize Social Media”

Presenter: Marisa Peacock

5. “Enriched Pet Sitting”

Presenter: Katenna Jones, ScM, ACAAB, CCBC, CDBC, CPDT-KA, owner of Jones Animal Behavior

6.”What you should know before accepting a chicken-sitting assignment”

Presenter: Andy G.Schneider, The Chicken Whisperer® 

7. “Handling Fearful And Anxious Pets”

Presenter: Debbie Jacobs CPDT-KA, CAP2

8. “Misconceptions About Pet Sitter Liability Insurance”

Presenter: David Pearsall, Business Insurers of the Carolinas


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