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  1. says:

    Rachel cared for our hamster D.J. in her home while we were on a two week vacation over July and August 2016. She was very knowledgeable about hamsters and made us feel comfortable when we dropped our little friend off. She provided regular updates while we were away so that we knew D.J. was being well-cared for. Thanks Rachel for your service! Thamason & Holly

  2. Jonah says:

    Rachel took great care of my older cat while I was away–she was very responsible and efficient, and she’s clearly a caring person who loves cats. It was reassuring to get photos of my cat while I was gone. She was even able to give insulin injections to my cat who is diabetic. All in all, very impressed and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her cat sitting services again!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Patch was so sweet and easy. She shed all over my sweaters, but I couldn’t stop cuddling her, anyway! Thanks!

  3. OIiver Taylor says:

    Rachel has taken fantastic care of our two cats- Olivia and Dainty who are clearly more comfortable and happy than they have ever been with someone looking after them! This is quite an achievement particularly with our very sensitive soul Dainty who does not warm people easily! What a fantastic peace of mind it will be next time we head somewhere with Rachel to look after them.

    Clearly very knowledgeable and caring about cats!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      It’s every pet sitter’s dream come true when the hiding-under-the-bed cats transform into cuddly lap cats. Always a pleasure!

  4. Dulce Estrada says:

    Rachel was very professional since the first time we contact her.
    Our 6 months old turtle was in super good hands while we were away for 11 days.
    Rachel made sure to keep our turtle in the very specific temperature conditions she requires.
    We recommend very much Rachel’s work.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      My first turtle guest, and Cloe was so cute! We all loved lamp time and feeding time. I’m sure she’s very happy to be back with her loving family.

  5. Stéphanie says:

    Rachel est une gardienne attentionnée et qui est vraiment aux petits soins avec les animaux.
    Elle a gardé notre hérisson pendant une semaine et nous étions entièrement en confiance.
    Je recommande fortement ses services. C’est rassurant de savoir que nous aurons quelqu’un à l’avenir pour garder notre petite bête! Rachel est très professionnelle en plus. C’est une perle! Et sa petite fille aussi 🙂

    • RachelRecommends says:

      C’était tellement excitant d’avoir un invité hérisson. Je me suis parfois réveillé à 4h du matin pour jouer avec elle! Elle était si mignonne et moelleuse. Ma fille me lèche encore les bras et le visage, parce que c’est ce que fait Relish.

  6. Michele Jenkins says:

    Rachel was great when I needed a very last minute cat sitter for our overly affectionate old kitty. She was able to come by, get all the info, ask all the right questions, and then kept me very up-to-date (including photos!). Will definitely make use of her services again & will recommend to friends as well.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      She was indeed instantly friendly, which is so rare! I kept wishing I had more time to cuddle her.

  7. Maryse says:

    Rachel has taken of our cats, Caillou and Flanelle, twice so far, and it’s been a very positive experience. Our cats are quite old and have special needs, so we do worry about them when we leave. But we now always feel comfortable going away for the weekend knowing that Rachel will come visit. She’s professional, very quick to reply, knowledgeable and she’s gentle with our pets. We appreciate the daily photos and descriptions.. and the nail clipping! 🙂 We will reach out to Rachel again and recommend her services to other pet lovers without hesitation.

    Thanks for everything, Rachel!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      They’re such sweet, gentle personalities with a clear routine! Flanelle knows exactly what she wants (and doesn’t want) and Caillou looks at you with those big, soulful eyes.

  8. Charlotte Kluftinger says:

    I was so pleased with Rachel Reisner’s pet sitting service! She kindly looked after our cat with relatively short notice. Rachel’s fees were fair, and she was prompt in responding to messages. I particularly enjoyed reading her daily updates while I was away. Our cat was comfortable and content around Rachel at the consultation. Ultimately, Rachel is a really nice person, and provides a very professional pet sitting service.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      It’s fun to have such an assertive, energetic furry client first thing in the morning. Hope I get to see her again soon!

  9. Stephanie Johnston says:

    I was very happy with Rachel’s pet sitting services. She is very professional and trustworthy. I had no hesitation leaving my cats and my house in her care. She seems very knowledgeable and her love of cats comes through immediately. I recommend her service and plan to have her take care of my cats again.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      It was a pleasure! So laidback and friendly. I’ll have to bring a selection of toys to tempt them into play next time – my stash is ever-growing!

  10. Jennifer Drover says:

    Rachel took care of my cat for the Canada Day long weekend and I could not be more happy with her services. It was the first time leaving my rescue alone in the 3 years we’ve had him so I was very nervous but Rachel made sure I was comfortable during the whole process. She answered all my questions, sent very detailed updates with pictures AND videos while I was away, which warmed my heart. And to top it all off, my cat absolutely loved Rachel (I definitely thought he would hide from the stranger in his house) but to my surprise he greeted her, let her give him brushes and rubs. I will definitely be using Rachel the next time I go away and would recommend her to all my friends and family.

  11. Blandine says:

    Rachel took care of our guinea pig for one week. She is so professional ! She really loves pets and she is very dedicated to them. I think our guinea pig had an amazing time at Rachel’s ! He has been spoiled ! Our kids loved the report she sent us during the week.
    I definitely recommend Rachel ! Thanks again !

    • RachelRecommends says:

      He was so much fun! My first guinea pig guest. I took great delight in feeding him and watching him drag everything away to his hide to feast. He had me trained so well – loud urgent wheeking whenever I passed by his cage or went into the kitchen meant FEED ME. I could never resist. Then happy chortling as he munched in privacy.

  12. Solange says:

    Rachel est une excellente gardienne d’animaux. Elle a gardé notre cochon d’Inde 3 semaines et s’en est bien occupé. Elle lui a donné quotidiennement des légumes frais adaptés à son espèce, du gazon fraîchement cueilli, a nettoyé son enclos régulièrement, l’a flattée pour son bonheur et l’a fait sortir régulièrement sous surveillance.
    Il n’y a eu aucun problème avec ses deux chats ni avec les autres animaux présents en même temps (lapin, hamster). Ses tarifs sont compétitifs. De plus, nous recevions des nouvelles et photos tous les 2-3 jours, décrivant même ses repas. Nous la recontacterons très certainement lors de nos prochaines vacances.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Je vous remercie! C’était tellement amusant d’aller sur le marché pour acheter des légumes frais pour elle. Les cochons d’Inde sont tellement appréciés de la nourriture! Et elle était un superbe modèle – elle était très professionnelle. 😉

  13. Sonia Tarantino says:

    Rachel was friendly and thorough in her approach, My animals were in good hands with Rachel, She was very organised and prepared and she sent daily updates via email and multiple photos of my 3 pets while I was away, She also cuts the nails of my pets and groomed them, I am Happy with the experience and she has the required insurance coverage which is a plus ! Thanks Rachel, Sonia 🙂

  14. Angélique says:

    Thank you Rachel for taking care of my cat. Your services were really appreciated. I know she is not the easiest one to approach, thanks for having tried every day you visited her, and for the great picture. You made our travel away lot more enjoyable 🙂

  15. Brett Tegart says:

    I was very happy to have Rachel come to look after our cat this Christmas! She was quick to respond to our questions, sent us great photos and videos of him while we were away, and we came home to a very content cat. Rachel is very professional and organized & having her take care of things let us enjoy our vacation without worry. I highly recommend her services, and look forward to working with her again when we take our next trip!

  16. Larissa says:

    Rachel took care of my cat Tigrou for the christmas holidays and she was great ! Got pictures daily and she was available for any questions all the time. Tigrou was really happy and well cared for. I highly recommend Rachel and will definitely reach out to her if I need my cat to be taken care for again.

    Thanks Rachel !

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! Tigrou was so friendly – and fiesty! It’s so welcoming to be greeted at the door by a friendly face.

  17. Shannon Strang says:

    I went on holiday for over a month and Rachel had no problem taking care of my kittens Jyn and Rey, even over Christmas. I was very weary at first to leave them for such a long time, and taking them out of the house to a pet hotel was not an option. After the consultation with Rachel I knew that my babies were going to be in great hands and I had no worries after that. She was very professional and organized about the situation and put my worries to rest. She sent me pictures everyday with updates and was very patient with my more shy and protective cat Jyn, and by the end of the trip they were very comfortable with her. I will definitely be calling Rachel again for whenever I go on a trip for a long or short term and I will be recommending her to friends and family. Thank you Rachel! Jyn and Rey are missing you,
    From Shannon, Margaux, Jyn and Rey!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thanks so much! I was prepared to gently woo scaredy cats for the whole pet sit, but was thrilled when they both warmed up and came out to play. Kittens are such fun! Looking forward to the next time!

  18. Michele P. says:

    I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough. She provided professional and reliable service for our three furballs over the very cold Christmas break, allowing me to relax, knowing they were well taken care of.

    I had asked not to be updated unless an issue arose and she respected that, only contacting me when necessary. She even checked in with us on the last day to make sure our flight was not delayed in case an additional visit to the house was needed because of a delay.

    I will continue to use Rachel’s services in the future and would highly recommend this service to others. Rachel runs a professional business and really goes the extra mile for the animals in her care.

  19. Emma Rossiter says:

    Rachel looked after my hamster Ham Solo for two weeks while I was home for the holiday break and I had a very positive experience with her services! I had been very nervous about bringing Ham Solo in to board for the first time, having only had him for less than two months in which I had seen little progress in getting him to trust me, let alone other people. Knowing his anxious personality I was worried the change of setting would stress him out and take a toll on him, but Rachel’s daily updates and pictures put me at ease, and when I took him back in Ham actually seemed very content, and has even opened himself up to interacting with me more since. Rachel clearly knows her hamsters and understands how to help more nervous hamsters like mine be comfortable during their stay with her, and I will certainly be bringing Ham in to board with her again in the future. I would definitely recommend her services to any other Montreal hamster owners who need a trusty professional and hamster expert to look after their pet at a very reasonable price!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Ham Solo was a sweet and gentle hamster guest. Stealthy, too, like a Jedi knight! I was always happy when I caught him awake to play. Glad he came home relaxed and friendly!

  20. annie mailhot-gamelin says:

    Nous avons utilisé les services de Rachel pour s’occuper de nos deux chattes pendant une semaine et nous avons été ravis! Dès nos premiers échanges avec Rachel, nous savions que nous avions trouvé la bonne personne. Rachel est très professionnelle et prend vraiment son travail à coeur. Elle a posé beaucoup de questions pour bien apprendre à connaître nos deux chattes et elle est très respectueuse de leurs habitudes et leurs particularités. Pendant notre absence, Rachel nous a fait un petit compte-rendu des visites et elle nous a envoyé des photos à chaque jour. Nous recommandons fortement les services de Rachel et nous allons certainement la contacter lors de nos prochaines vacances 🙂 Annie et Benoit

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Merci beaucoup! J’essaie de toujours être sensible aux souhaits du client, car vous connaissez le mieux vos chats. Ce sont de beaux chats. J’attends la prochaine fois avec impatience!

  21. Andrea says:

    What a great feeling to know that our two cats were in good hands while we were away. Rachel was extremely professional in all her dealings with us, from the first response to my inquiry email to the key return when we got back. She made sure to understand our cats’ personalities and what we were looking for in a sitter while we were gone. Our cats don’t require much assistance with food 🙂 (other than making sure the bowl is full!), but they are quite young and have a lot of energy, so it was wonderful to know that Rachel would play with them and keep them company while we were away. The email pictures and updates provided confidence that the cats were fine and she was there taking care of them. It was also a relief to know that if our flight had been delayed because of weather, Rachel was only a text or email away and the kitties would be taken care of. I highly recommend her services and plan to call her again for the next time we are out of town. Thank you Rachel!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! I loved playing with them and hearing such tiny little meows come out of such big burly cats. Can’t wait until the next time!

  22. RB! says:

    We’re pretty sure our cat, Mia, likes Rachel more than us. She always seems so happy and refreshed when we return home from a trip.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      I’m glad to hear that she enjoys our “spa” visits – cheek scratches, petting, glamorous photoshoots, fawning acolyte telling her how beautiful, fluffy, and amazing she is. 🙂

  23. Delphine says:

    Rachel offre un service impeccable ! Elle est très professionnelle en plus d’être fort sympathique !
    Je la recommande sans réserve 🙂

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Merci beaucoup! Elle était une compagne amicale et sociale pendant que je m’occupais de mes tâches. J’espère la revoir bientôt.

  24. Janice and Nat says:

    Thank you, Rachel, many times over, for the tender loving care you provided our pussycats while we were away for a long weekend. Thank you for the daily updates and pictures, and thank you for just being a genuinely pet-loving person. We know our cats will be happy to see you again soon!

  25. Liz says:

    I couldn’t be more satisfied with Rachel’s petsitting services! She took care of Violet, my 14-year-old special needs cat, for an extended period of time. Rachel’s daily emails and photos totally put my mind at ease while I was travelling. I knew Violet was in great hands! Rachel is thorough, professional and attentive – I would definitely recommend her services!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! Violet was such a sweetheart, and very patient with me as I went about my chores. We had our routine down pat! Looking forward to seeing her again soon.

  26. Helena says:

    Nous avons été ravis des services fournis par Rachel. Nous avons laissé notre chatte Lola, seule, pendant une semaine entière et tout s’est déroulé à la perfection. Rachel est fiable, ponctuelle et très professionnelle. Nous la recommandons sans hésitation aucune et ferons assurément appel à ses services à l’avenir.

  27. Andrew says:

    Rachel is an amazing care taker. I could tell right away from her site that she would be a good fit to take care of my two best friends, yet, when we met it was even more clear. Her attention to detail and thorough follow through are bar none which along with her friendliness and prompt communication makes her one of the most professional pet sitters I have come across in my days.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! As I told her – she now has the job to take care of my friends whenever I am away, which gives me the ultimate piece of mind to know that they have everything that they need and someone to be there if something does happen comes up.

    With gratitude,

    Andrew 🙂

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you for such kind words! I am always charmed by their spoon routine. 🙂 It’s great working with someone with such great communication. Looking forward to the next time!

  28. Rachel Schafts says:

    I feel so lucky to have found Rachel as she is one of the best pet care professionals I have ever met! We have 2 older cats (one is extremely shy) and they both have specific dietary requirements. This was not a problem for Rachel and during our first meeting, she made very detailed notes about their care and emailed me afterwards to confirm that she had properly understood everything. I really appreciated this as well as the updates she provided daily while we were away for just over a week. It is obvious Rachel really loves cats and is passionate about providing top quality care. Her daily fee is not cheap but she is more than worth it. I will definitely contact Rachel again when we’re looking for someone to care for our cats while we’re traveling. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a true pet care professional who really cares about providing a positive experience to pets while their humans are away.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! It’s wonderful to have great communication with clients. I hope to see them again soon.

  29. Wendy says:

    Rachel was wonderful!
    She is professional, organized, and really takes the time to understand the particularities of what your pets need.
    I left my 2 cats in her care for the weekend and really was confident that they would be in good hands when I left.
    She texted me with detailed updates after each visit which further put my mind at ease.

    I think my cats missed her when I returned!
    I will definitely be using her services again whenever I am out of town and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my friends and colleagues with cats.
    It was soooo nice to be able to travel and not worry that my cats were well cared for.
    I am so glad I found Rachel!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! I love well-organized clients, too! You had everything all prepared; I really appreciated the thoughtfulness. Looking forward to the next time!

  30. Jennifer Lindner says:

    Rachel took wonderful care of my cat Fredo! He is a very active cat and needs a lot of social play time, and she made sure he got it. By the end of the visit he was greeting her at the door, purring, and letting her pick him up. She sent me a set of pictures with every visit, too, which really helped me when I was missing him. I wholeheartedly recommend her 🙂

  31. Antsa Rand says:

    Rachel took care of our cat Noah while we were away. Noah got comfortable with Rachel immediately after meeting her, which is saying something about our usually extremely shy and cautious cat. Since Noah seemed to like Rachel right away, we felt that he was going to be in good hands. Rachel went above and beyond in taking care of our cat. We recommend Rachel for her professionalism, attention to detail, overall service she provided.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! Noah was so sweet and cuddly. I feel honoured that he warmed up to my so quickly!

  32. Kimberly Durflinger says:

    Rachel was hands down the best petsitter I’ve ever had. My two guinea pigs Luna and Nutmeg were with her for a whole month and Rachel fed them fresh veggies and treats twice a day and gave them lots of attention. When I visited them midway through, I was so happy to see how healthy they were and how relaxed they looked ♡ Nutmeg is my shy piggie and never ‘wheeks’ but when Rachel gave them their veggies, Nutmeg wheeked even louder than Luna 🙂 I would recommend Rachel’s services to anyone!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! Yes, Nutmeg makes you work for it. It was great to have a home full of munching, wheeking guinea pigs. Makes a home cook feel appreciated. 🙂 hope to see them again – maybe they’ll have grown!

  33. Tanisha James says:

    Rachel is very organized, knowledgeable and was amazing taking care of my guinea pig- Mia, while I was away on vacation. I can tell she wants to do her very best in looking after my piggy as she takes the time to understand her needs.
    You will be at ease as she gives daily updates, very thoughtful, considerate, and would even go to the extent of taking care of your pet as she did with Mia. I highly recommend Rachel!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! I miss her already. It’s good to have a home with a wheeking guinea pig waiting for you to feed them. 🙂

  34. Stephanie Smith says:

    I feel very lucky to have found Rachel! She is professional and reliable, and I received updates on my kitty by email each day that I was gone, including pictures. I feel my cat was in good hands and I would definitely want Rachel to care for her when I am out of town in the future.

  35. Matthew Zoern says:

    Rachel was awesome with my hamster. We dropped off our little Chip for a week, and I received daily updates with pictures. Chip is very particular with who she likes, and she really seemed to like Rachel. She was very knowledgable and took the time to listen to what particularities my hamster has. 🙂 I was very pleased with how she took care of Chip for the week, and will most definitely be using her services again, if needed! I’ve already recommended her to friends too! If you need to leave your hamster for a period of time, don’t hesitate to contact Rachel. She’s wonderful, and very reasonably priced as well.

  36. Leonard Sklar says:

    Rachel is the best! She has taken care of our two indoor cats, Molly and Felix, several times, for up to two weeks while we travel. We love our kitties so much, and are so happy we found Rachel to care for them. She is super reliable and knowledgeable, and has a great connection with our cats. They love her, and want to climb all over her when she visits. We know because she sends the most amazing photographs – seriously, she is a talented photographer! Rachel’s photos make our day, and help us feel close to our dear furry ones. We trust Rachel absolutely. Felix has urinary blockage issues and requires special food and attention. She knows exactly what to watch for and has taught us ways to better manage his fluids. She brushes them, cleans up after them, plays with them, no wonder they love her! With Rachel, we know when have to leave them that they will miss us, at least a little, but they’re also going to be thrilled that they get to have her visits and special attention. Rachel is the consummate professional; what great fortune that she has chosen this profession, and that we have her on our team. Thank you Rachel!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! I always love seeing them. I’d never before encountered shoulder-surfing cats, so had a delightful surprise when they treated me to a living, furry scarf. Looking forward to the next time!

  37. Nathaniel Bernstein says:

    Thank you again, Rachel, many times over, for looking after our cats while we took a three-day weekend break. Thank you for playing with them, getting them to come out of their hidey-holes, the daily pictures, the updates. The overall TLC! You’re a gem! Janice and Nat

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! It’s a real treat when they come out in their magnificent glory. Hope to see them again soon!

  38. Imma Ieraci says:

    Rachel took care of our pet hamster Max for 12 days while we were on vacation. She gave him great TLC! We were very satisfied with her services and gentleness handling Max and really enjoyed receiving the daily updates and photos of Max. She is very professional and you can tell how passionate she is about her job. We highly recommend her! Thanks again, Rachel!

  39. Catherine Claes says:

    Noisette, notre petit cochon d’inde, a eu la chance d’etre Chouchoutée par Rachel qui en a pris soin avec professionnalisme. Elle nous a aussi donné des bons conseils (car c’est notre premier cochon d’inde). Nous avons aussi beaucoup apprécié le contact régulier pendant nos vacances avec elle sur whatsap avec des photos de notre Noisette qui nous manquait! Rachel nous a aidé en urgence car notre retour a été retardé de manière imprévue et elle a pu garder quelques jours de plus Noisette. Un grand merci et à bientôt!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Je vous remercie ! Je suis si contente d’avoir pu vous aider quand vous en avez besoin. Noisette est un petit cochin d’Inde très doux et tranquille. J’étais content que tu sois rentré sain et sauf, mais aussi triste de la voir partir. J’ai hâte de la revoir !

  40. Elena says:

    I want to thank Rachel for taking care of my mice for two weeks! She is very careful with almost every aspect of petsitting. Rachel also gives updates of my pets frequently during the petsitting period, you can tell that she genuinely loves animals!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! I had such fun with my first mouse guests. They were delightful, all cuddled up together. Hope to see them again soon!

  41. Ludovic says:

    Rachel took care of our bunny for a week, sent us update and pictures by mail while we were in vacation. It was great not to have to worry about him knowing he was having such great care ! She was also very accommodating on scheduling appointments and returning our keys ! thank you again !

  42. Josefina says:

    We are very happy for the great job that Rachel does!. She took care of our beautiful female cat during an 8 days trip, we were concern of having to leave alone to our cat but Rachel did an amazing job, we felt close to Nina all time thanks to her everyday reports. Rachel shows her professionalism at all time. We totally recommend her pet care services! As a plus she also is super pro trimming the nails of my cat, and she is very kind! Thank you Rachel!!!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! Nina is very sweet, and loves you so much. I’m so happy I could be of help. Looking forward to the next time!

  43. Christian says:

    Rachel looked after my cat Linus for two weeks and I was very impressed by her professionalism: a very thorough preparatory meeting, prompt replies to questions before and during the trip, photo updates… I highly recommend Rachel as a pet sitter.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! Linus was very nice – we had our routine down pat! Fierce defender of the couch!

  44. Duquette says:

    We had such a wonderful cat sitting experience and we are forever grateful after having to leave our cat for a lengthy period at a time when his health was uncertain. I could not believe how professional, and thorough, our registration was. Rachel seems to have knowledge and training that is exceptional. Not only this, but we noticed that Rachel had made adjustments to food bowl height to make our cat more comfortable and reported any changes and observations. So conscientious! Our cat also looked so relaxed when we arrived–which is not always the case. Thank you so much for such wonderful care and see you again soon.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you very much! I’m so glad you were pleased. He’s a very nice, gentlemanly cat. Hope to see him again, soon!

  45. Mireille Le J. says:

    J’ai beaucoup apprécié le service de gardiennage de mon chat à domicile. Mon chat étant peureux c’est l’idéal. Rachel est très professionnelle et j’ai beaucoup aimé le fait d’avoir des nouvelles quotidiennes avec photos de mon chat adoré. Je suis partie en vacances rassurée, je savais que mon chat était entre de bonnes mains. Je vous recommande chaleureusement Rachel pour garder votre animal de compagnie . Vous pouvez lui faire confiance !

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Merci! Oui, nous avions notre routine établie. Je suis tellement content que tu sois heureux.

  46. Janette says:

    Rachel recently looked after my two rabbits. I am always nervous leaving them when I have to go away but I didn’t need to be concerned at all. Rachel stayed in contact with photos and updated me with how they were doing. We had worked out all instructions in advance and Rachel was exceedingly professional with how we communicated while I was away. It brought me such peace of mind to know that my girls were being looked after so well. I’m so pleased to have found Rachel!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! It was so much fun taking care of such huge, calm rabbits. And it was great that everything was so well-organized. Looking forward to the next time!

  47. Erin says:

    I have been in search for a reliable and loving caretaker for my guinea pig Tina for a while, and that’s what I found in Rachel and the services she offers. Extreme professionalism right from the get-go, with a virtual meeting for her to get to know my guinea pig’s needs, preferences, and habits prior to even meeting her. She took care of Tina while I was in the US for 2.5 weeks (was very flexible given that she was initially supposed to only care for her for 10 days, which she adjusted with ease). I got daily picture updates, and the love and safety she provided for my guinea pig were beyond apparent. I strongly recommend using her services, your animal will be in the best care!

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! There’s no greater joy than feeding and caring for happy Guinea pigs. It was a pleasure to care for little Tina. Hope to see her again soon!

  48. Robert Sprayberry says:

    Rachel recently looked after our guinea pig Pickles. Rachel did a fantastic job with Pickle’s care and was very attentive to keeping us informed each day with photos and how things progressed. We have been very pleased with everything and would highly recommend Rachel to anyone in need of pet sitting. Her structured approach and attention to detail is exceptional and appreciated.

    • RachelRecommends says:

      Thank you! I enjoyed caring for (and feeding!) Pickles very much. Looking forward to the next time!

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