Video: Grooming tool kit for pet visits and boarders

I’m exploring posting videos about my pet care services and about pet care for animals that I care for. Here’s my first YouTube video, which goes over what is inside my grooming tool kit, some recommendations for grooming tools for cat, rabbit, and guinea pig owners, and a short grooming demo with one of my Guinea pig boarders, the charming Noisette.

Proper grooming is important for all pets, and so I include it for all of my clients if there is time. I can use my tools, which I clean and disinfect after each client, or the client’s own tools. I discuss such tools as the Furminator, deshedding rakes, HairBuster, slicker brushes, nail trimmers, styptic powder, etc.

I don’t consider myself to be a professional groomer. It’s on my to-do list to further explore formal cat grooming education, to further enrich my pet care skill set, but I just don’t have the funding for it yet. I do offer limited grooming services for my clients, which basically include brushing fur and trimming nails. I can visit regularly, or just during shedding season, or just as a once-off. It’s actually a great way to get to know me in person as a pet sitter, when you are choosing who to hire to care for your animals. That way, you will see how I behave with your animals, and what sort of care they will receive when you are away.

I do not cut fur, and if your cat is heavily matted, I encourage you to take them to a certified master cat groomer rather than attempt to cut out the matted fur yourself. Cat skin is very thin, and attempting to cut out mats can result in an emergency trip to a veterinarian.

This is only the second video I’ve every posted (check out my Facebook page to see my first Facebook live… which ended up being filmed sideways!).

Comments are strongly encouraged! I’d also love to hear what you want to see in future videos or blog posts.