Services for Hamsters

me holding my new hamster, Fred. I offer boarding for hamsters.

***Coming soon: an all-new all-inclusive hamster boarding option!***

Hamsters need to be handled regularly. A hamster that is gently played with every day will be significantly calmer and friendlier than a hamster that is rarely played with.

I offer boarding and round-trip transportation for hamsters, or can also visit your hamster in your own home (see cat services for information on in-home visits). I have experience owning and caring for just about every variety of hamster, and will care for them accordingly.


Your hamster stays at my home, enjoying a scenic view on top of a high, sturdy bookshelf. To ensure a high level of care for your pet, as well as physical distancing between boarders, I accept only a few boarding guests at any given time. Kindly note that payment is due in full at the time I receive the hamster.

  • Pet owner provides all necessities – food, bedding, cage, ball, etc.. Only bin cages will be accepted for hamster boarding, or the Prevue 528. Modular (add-on tubes, Habitrail) and other wire cages will not be accepted for hamster boarding.

  • I provide occasional hamster-friendly treats free of charge:

    • fresh produce (broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrot, spinach, kale),
    • fruit (raisins, grapes, blueberries) – NOT for dwarf hamsters,

    • unsalted peanuts, or

    • fresh stove-popped unsalted popcorn

  • Filtered water changed daily

  • Food changed or refilled daily (as per preference)

  • Play time! (Yes, even if they’re a biter.)
  • Overturned wheels and bowls righted and wiped down when soiled
  • Regular text/email reports with pictures (as per preference)


  • Pick-up and delivery service available within service area
  • Cage cleaned with vinegar and/or dish soap (as per preference)
  • Concierge service (shopping for missing items, with a service fee)


I visit your hamster at your home. Daily visit required.

  • All the care features in the above hamster boarding package
  • See cat services for information about in-home services
  • No extra charge per pet, fees are based on time and location

Not a hamster?

I would be happy to provide pet care services for other small furry animals like rabbits (visits only), gerbils, rats, mice, chinchillas, degus, hedgehogs, ferrets (visits only), sugar gliders, etc.. See my services for guinea pigs. My boarders have even included a turtle! Contact me for a consultation. Kindly note that I may not be able to provide boarding for certain animals and cage set-ups.

REMINDER: I have a cat and a small child. This is why my hamster boarders are kept on top of bookshelves, and why I cannot accept certain animals as boarders. I have never had a cat-related or child-related injury to a hamster or boarder in my care.