House Check/Plant Watering

No pets? No problem!

I’m happy to stop by to check that everything is ok at home and to water plants. This is a great option for frequent travelers, snowbirds/sunbirds, those with summer chalets, those with more than one home, or those who are just going away for a while and would like someone to stop in to do a quick walk-through. Enjoy peace of mind knowing without a doubt that the stove is off and the water wasn’t left running.

There must be no living, breathing pet in the home in order to reserve house checks or plant watering. (See pet visit options if there are pets.)

Daily visits are not required; clients should check with their own home insurance provider regarding visit frequency to keep their policies in force during extended absences (for example, a home insurance policy might require that someone enter the home every three days in order for the insurance policy to remain in effect).

Kindly note that while I like plants, I am not a horticulturist. I will follow watering instructions, however I take no responsibility over plant health and well-being. I simply water plants.

**Special scheduling is needed if requesting plant watering visits at certain times, like morning. After-hours visits are reserved for pets needing medication.  **

Tips to optimize plant watering:

1. Group plants together. This makes it easier to locate plants and reduces the time it takes to water individual pots.

2. If pots do not have a saucer, place pots in the sink or tub or in a waterproof tray to protect against drips. This also reduces the time needed to wait for water to completely drain out in the sink.

3. Lower hanging plants and plants on high shelves.

4. Have watering can or whatever is used in an obvious place, preferably near the plants or sink or faucet. Also have towels or rags nearby to absorb any spills.

  • Estimated time: 30 minutes minimum, longer for many plants
  • Quick walk-through of home interior
  • Email, text, WhatsApp reports with pictures at each visit

  • Water houseplants

  • Water outside plants
  • Refill outside bird feeders
  • Collect mail, newspapers

  • Empty dehumidifier / Fill humidifier
  • Flush toilets
  • Move drapes
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Move waste bins

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