Cat World Domination Day – and how to survive living with a Cat Overlord

Cat sitter's tips to surviving Cat World Domination Day

As many of us have discovered, today was day of Cat World Domination.

How might we peacefully co-exist with our cat overlords?

  1. Reward good behaviour. Positively reinforce desired behaviors with praise, treats, and cuddles. Build their trust.
  2. Play and enrichment. Tire them out with wand toys so they won’thave the energy to plot further takeovers. Do not use hands or fingers as toys.
  3. Deweaponize. Trim those claws every 2-3 weeks. Short nails are much less effective in human-cat battles than long, sharp claws.
  4. Pet your cat. Some cat overlords prefer only hands-off interactions with their people, and that is ok.
  5. Comb regularly. Combing loose fur off of your cat overlord will decrease their ability to form projectile vomit. Combing can also remove small mats before they combine into big mats. Matted fur is painful, and you do not want an unhappy cat overlord.

Interested in more Cat World Domination survival tips, from someone with experience on the front lines, who has rubbed elbows with many cats and who  knows how cats think and can anticipate many of their common maneuvers?

Code name: “Certified Professional Pet Sitter”

Specialties: cat care, with special interest in other small furry “pets” like Guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits.

How to activate: fill out the contact form on the Contact page. Our operative, “the Pet Sitter,” will be in contact with you to discuss how they can help. Unfortunately, “the Pet Sitter” is only able to travel within the current “Service Area. Usually,  this happens when the cat overlord grants their people permission to travel away from headquarters, and they are in need of temporary stand-ins to continue menial tasks like food service, water supply maintenance, and personal sanitation services. The exact details vary per mission, but “the Pet Sitter” is an experienced, trained operative who gets the job done. “The Pet Sitter” is only able to travel within the current “Service Area.”

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