Animalerie Paul on Mont-Royal East

A few years ago, brunch with my family at St-Viateur Bagel in the Plateau would not be complete without a couple mini cupcakes from Petit Gateaux (which is sadly, sadly closed), and a stop in to see the animals for sale at Animalerie Paul. While we rarely eat out these days, I still like visiting this store because it’s a nice, small pet shop with live animals.

The left wall is a bank of aquariums with lots of fish. The right wall are small birds. The larger small animals, like rabbits, guinea pigs, and I think sometimes ferrets, are usually in the middle of the store, and the smaller small animals like rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters, are in the back. There are also kittens and puppies. The guinea pigs and rabbits are housed together in a small bin, which is cute, but some people might not agree with that housing arrangement.

There are supplies for small animals, birds, fish, reptiles, cats, and dogs. Somehow they manage to pack everything into their tiny space. There’s even a tiny room in the back for grooming services. The fish tanks look clear and well-maintained and staff are friendly.

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