Currently amusing myself with the Dixie Hemingway book series. Created by Blaize Clement and continued after her death by her son, John Clement, it’s about a former deputy-turned-petsitter in Florida who petsits for wealthy neighbours and, of course, solves crimes. I love how she refuses to order bacon at the diner, but stares at everyone else’s longingly until they share some of theirs with her (because we all know that if you don’t order it yourself, it doesn’t “count”). Anyone who has ever eaten with a dog around can easily envision her soulful puppy eyes at the tasty treats.

Dixie is a great petsitter. She takes her job very seriously. I am not a bird or dog person, but I love her stories of exercising a parrot on her arm by running back and forth and pumping her arm up and down so he can flap his wings. Or the sweet mini dachsund you have to sing to. And how her pet clients have favourite tv channels. She projects happy thoughts to her pet clients, positive that they understand. She talks to them. She plays with them. She worries about them.

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