About me – cat cuddler and hamster hugger

I have been a hamster-owner for 25+ years. Despite also having been a cat-owner for 12+ years, there have been no cat-related hamster injuries or fatalities! My cats are 7-years old and 17-years old.

I carry high end cat treats in my bag for friendly neighborhood cats. I stop to pet every one that will come to me.

I know what I look for in a pet sitter, and I strive to provide the same high level of service for my own clients. I am a member of the professional pet sitter’s association, Pet Sitters International. I am bonded and insured with pet sitting insurance. And I am vaccinated against rabies.

I am mature, responsible, conscientious, and I love cats. And hamsters. I’m a non-smoker. I started pet sitting so that I could stay with my young child, who sometimes accompanies me on visits and who is always closely supervised.

I’m based out of H2V in Outremont. Contact me to check service area. I have a car, and either drive or walk to cat visits.

Reasons you should use my pet sitting service

  • My clients will have peace of mind knowing I am bonded and insured. Having liability coverage and bonding is one of the key factors that separates a “professional pet sitter” from a “hobby pet sitter,” who usually does not carry such insurance. Think of it like car insurance: you have to have it, you DO NOT want to ever need it, but if an accident happens and your insurance covers it, you are so glad you had it.
  • I am a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), a professional pet sitter’s association. Professional associations like PSI help to promote high ethics,  education, and professionalism. It has member dues, networking opportunities, educational opportunities, and an annual conference like any other professional association. Membership in a professional association demonstrates how serious I am about pet sitting as a business and a profession. I am always learning. I’m not a teenager doing this for pocket money: this is my job and I run a business.
  • I drive a car and have a valid driver’s license. For my hamster clients, I am able to transport hamsters to and from my home for boarding. I am able to drive to residences which might be far away from the metro or bus lines. I am able to quickly transport a sick or injured animal in my car to the veterinarian’s clinic of your choice for examination and treatment, with little exposure to the outside heat of summer or frigid cold of winter, rain, or snow.
  • I provide detailed daily reports with pictures via text or email. I’ve also used WhatsApp. Some clients only want periodic reports, and others wish to have a report every day. Some clients don’t want reports at all. I am also willing to provide short videos of your pet, if provided WiFi access. You don’t have to wonder how your cat or hamster is doing while you are away; you’ll read all about it every day and you’ll see how happy and healthy they are in pictures.
  • I have customer reviews. Client reviews can be found on my website, my facebook page, my Pet Sitters International profile under Testimonials, and Yelp. Customer reviews are a powerful way for clients to encourage good services and to share their experiences.
  • Free consultation visit. Also known as the meet and greet, or the pre-service meeting. It’s free, with no commitment required. How does it work? I meet you at your home. We meet, introduce me to your cats, and go over their routine. You explain your instructions and where the cat and cleaning supplies are, and where their favourite hiding spots are. We go over any questions you may have. If it does not seem like a fit, then I leave and that’s the end of that! If it seems like a fit, I can collect emergency contact information, keys, and access codes. I will try out both the keys and access codes before I leave so I am sure I understand how to use them and ensure that the keys work.
  • I have a website. It tells about me, my service, my rates, my service area, my clients, and even has a blog. There are no surprise fees or charges. Everything about my service is posted online for anyone to see.
  • I have excellent communication skills, and respond quickly via text, email, and phone.
  • I am professional. I am detail-oriented, careful, respectful, thoughtful, hard-working, and practical. I provide a high level of pet sitting service to my clients. We will go over all of your instructions at the consultation meeting, and I will follow them. I accept cash, check, and electronic transfer; I provide receipts. I’m not watching your pets as a favour to you – I am a professional pet sitter and this is my only job. I do it because I love it; I have returning clients because I am good at it.
  • I am totally focused on cats and hamsters. I’ve had hamsters for 25+ years and cats for 12+ years. I’ve taken both species to the veterinarian and given both species medication. I’ve used many options for pet care when I have traveled myself. I have an owner’s experience and the maturity to suggest veterinary care if I see something of concern in your pet.
  • I do not smoke and I do not accept clients whose homes smell of smoke. I will not bring thirdhand smoke into clients’ homes.
  • I always remove my shoes/boots and put on a clean pair of socks each time I enter a client’s home for a cat visit. This way, I am not bringing in outside dirt and your floors will not be damaged. Aside from my small child, who sometimes accompanies me on my pet sitting rounds, no other person will accompany me into your home.
  • I disinfect my grooming tools (nail trimmers, combs, brushes) after each client with a special cat-safe antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral disinfectant.
  • I am discrete and do not post photos online until the client has returned. I do not wear a uniform and my car does not have signage that says that a pet sitter is visiting your home. When I take pictures, I make sure to turn off the GPS locator feature and to zoom in on your pet, so that it is impossible to tell where the picture was taken.