Services for Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

*Kindly note that rabbits and guinea pigs must be in separate cages.

I can either visit rabbits and guinea pigs in the comfort of their own homeĀ  (see cat visits for pet visit services), or board them in mine. Boarders will enjoy attentive care by a highly qualified professional, a family environment in a quiet neighbourhood, renovated clean interior, indirect natural light, and pleasant temperatures in a non-smoking home.

To ensure a high quality of service, I accept only a few boarders at a time. Boarders are always kept physically distant from each other. Boarding rates are based on cages of the following size: small 2’x3′ version of a C&C cage set-up with fleece, a Living World Deluxe to Ex-Large Habitat, or Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat. If you have a different set up, it would help me to know how big it is and to see a picture of it. A larger set up – e.g. an exercise pen or two of the above cages connected – may incur a higher boarding fee.

The client must provide all pet supplies, including: cage, water bottle, bedding, bedding/litter scoop, fleece, puppy pads, plastic liner, fleece pouches, toys, play pen, medication, food, hay, vitamin C supplement, treats, chewables like apple sticks, hides, fresh produce, brush, nail trimmers, etc. For pet boarding clients, the fresh produce fee will commence on the day of drop-off.

Clients are strongly encouraged to bring a generous supply of essential items, as animals are unpredictable and in a new environment they may use more supplies than they would at home. I will not attempt to “stretch” dwindling supplies or to let your pet go without essentials. If a boarder is missing essentials like bedding, food (hay, pellets), or vitamin C supplement, I will purchase the missing items at the client’s expense (concierge fee + the cost of the item(s).

I see a wide range of set ups and routines, however this is what is included when boarding guinea pigs and rabbits at my home. For complicated set-ups and more detailed instructions, I recommend pet visits in the comfort of your own home.

Boarding for guinea pigs/rabbits

(“Wheek-Zoom-tastic”): Boarders are tended to in the morning and evening

  • Twice daily fresh water – bowls washed and refilled
  • Twice daily fresh vegetables for a total of about 1 cup per animal. Uneaten produce removed after 24 hours.
  • Daily fresh pellets – bowls washed and refilled
  • Daily unlimited hay
  • Daily vitamin C
  • Daily chewables
  • Twice daily litter box scooping/spot sweeping
  • Supervised cage-free time
  • Biweekly weighing
  • Monthly nail trimming (depending on temperament)
  • Weekly brushing, or more frequent for molting rabbits (depending on temperament)
  • Daily reports with pictures via text, email, or WhatsApp

Extra services (see top of FAQ for fees):

  • Round-trip guinea pig/rabbit transportation for boarding
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Cage cleaning
  • Fleece laundry
  • Concierge service (shopping for missing pet supplies)

Round-trip guinea pig/rabbit transportation

I pick up your guinea pig or rabbit and all their supplies and drive them directly to my home for boarding. When their reservation is completed, I deliver the guinea pig or rabbit and all their supplies back to the owner. Available for those within my service area.

Fresh produce

Fresh vegetables and fruit once or twice per day, for a total of about 1 cup of vegetables/fruit per day per guinea pig/rabbit. Pet sitting clients (but not boarding clients) are welcome to supply their own produce (up to 5 days at a time, starting on the first day of service), however when that supply runs out or becomes unusable, a fresh produce fee will be applied per day. Uneaten produce is removed within 24 hours.

I follow Guinea Lynx’s guidelines for guinea pig vegetable guidelines, and the Binky Bunny/House Rabbit Society guidelines for rabbits. I will note your preferences for their diet before we meet and when you drop off your guinea pig/rabbit. Unless otherwise noted by the client, I generally feed my guinea pig/rabbit boarders mostly kale, romaine lettuce, and bell pepper, and rotate in smaller quantities: freshly picked grass and clover, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini, napa, parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, carrot, celery, swiss chard, corn husks and silks (guinea pig-only), Red Delicious apple, watermelon rind, banana (guinea pig-only), strawberries. An avid cook, I do a lot of my vegetable shopping at the Jean-Talon Market and maintain a community garden plot during the warmer months for organic, locally-sourced herbs and fresh greens.

Cage cleaning

The boarding fee includes cleaning water and food bowls, and spot cleaning (scooping/sweeping poop/pee). All other cleaning/wiping is considered a cage clean, including washing toys, litter boxes, and fleece change. I use vinegar and/or Dawn dish soap. Minimum frequency: weekly.

Laundry service

Fleece bedding/towels washed for my boarders. Clients should supply at least 1 spare fleece changes, as well as absorbent materials like towels/puppy training pads, and plastic sheeting. I use Tide Free HE laundry detergent and vinegar, and I do not normally use fabric softener. Minimum frequency: every 3 days.

Concierge service

I will supply any missing essentials, with a concierge fee + the cost of the item(s). While I will do my best to match your preferences, I cannot guarantee brands, stores, or prices. The most common items needed are hay and bedding/litter.

Reminder: I have a cat and a small child. They all roam freely. My cat is very well-fed and I have never had a cat-related injury to any of my boarders or to my own hamsters. If I think that your guinea pig/rabbit might be in danger, I will move them to their own room, however this would be a last-resort option, as I wouldn’t see or interact with the guinea pig/rabbit much in there. I have never had to do this before – the cat mostly enjoys trying to eat the hay – but is something to keep in mind, as animals are unpredictable.

Bunny boarding in Montreal