Animalerie Paul on Mont-Royal East

A few years ago, brunch with my family at St-Viateur Bagel in the Plateau would not be complete without a couple mini cupcakes from Petit Gateaux (which is sadly, sadly closed), and a stop in to see the animals for sale at Animalerie Paul. While we rarely eat out these days, I still like visiting … Continue reading Animalerie Paul on Mont-Royal East


Hamster vs. Degu vs. Hedgehog

So I'm researching my next hamster. Or maybe degu. Or possibly hedgehog. I haven't decided. And I still haven't cleaned out Maximus's cage. ::sigh:: Hedgehog I was fortunate enough to board a hedgehog for several days not too long ago, and she was sooo interesting. She'd huff and ball up. She licked me... then bit … Continue reading Hamster vs. Degu vs. Hedgehog