Fifteen Animals, by Sandra Boynton

I think parents everywhere know Boynton books forwards and backwards. Our bookshelf is about 1/4 Boynton books. They're fun, simple, whimsical board books that infants and toddlers make you read over and over again, including all of the animal sounds (yes, I mean Moo, Baa, La La La, which is one of the first ones … Continue reading Fifteen Animals, by Sandra Boynton


Hamster leashes – just say no!

I've had a nasty sinus/lung infection, but after a course of antibiotics and four weeks into it, I think I'm finally getting over it. But life goes on! And, in order to totally brag about my work ethic, it takes more than an infection to keep me from meeting my pet sitting obligations.   As … Continue reading Hamster leashes – just say no!